This App shows until 5 zones at the edges of your screen. These zones can be configurated in order to make an action when you swipe them.

By default, 2 zones are shown.

- Green zone: Action "Go Home"

- Red zone: Action "All"


The Grey zone will be shown at top or bottom of your device if you enable it.


In order to get that action, you must swipe your finger from the edge of your device to the center.


* In Small Devices with low resolution you will have to change width and height zones.


Zone Tips:

- While you're swiping you will see at top center a message with the action you will get when go up your finger.

- If you keep your finger swiping for a long time, then you will cancel this action.

- If a zone bothers you in order to tap the object behind, you can swipe zone up and down for a while in order to get this zone clear for 15 secs

- You can assign until 2 actions for every zone. See menu / settings / actions for that

- RECOMENDED: You can setup the width, height, color for zones. For every zone you can configure an action. See menu / settings / actions and   menu / settings / apearence 

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