Using Tasker App with M2D Manager

You can user Tasker App with M2D Manager in order to do some things in one device and other or the same thing in the other device as well.


You have to install Tasker App and m2d manager in both devices.


Tasker will do the task while m2d manager will be in charge of the communication between devices.


For example you can set a Task in your main device to switch off wifi and switch off wifi in the other device too.

In this example we are going to configure a task in the first device with a message that will be shown in the other device when you execute the task, but is valid for all tasker actions.


First off all you install m2d manager and setup the bluetooth communication between 2 devices.

After that you install tasker in both devices.


Now We are going to setup the second device.

1- Create a Task to show an alert with the message.

Create a new Task with name "Alert".

Add a Popup Action.

Insert the data. As you can see only is filled Text field with "%data" (Tasker use % to show vars).

Go back.













2- Create a profile


Now in order to execute the previous Task we're going to create a new profile that will be activated with an event.

The event will be of "Intent Receiver" Type.

Then, tap new profile and new action - event

System Category

Intent Received

Now we enter the action data. Here you can set you own name but remember that this name will be used later.

It's time to add a task to this profile as you can see at first image there is a Task with this profile event. Select the task "Alert".















Now is good to exit from tasker in order it refreshes the content.


3- Create a new Task in the other device to execute this one from the other device.

We are going to create a new task that will send an intent to m2d manager with some data. This one will receive the intent and will send it to the other device where m2d manager will send to Tasker.

Create a new Task and create a new Send Intent Action from Misc category.

Now set this data:


Extra=action:com.pacosal.m2d.alert (the same name than before if you changed this)

Extra=data:Hola Mundo

The second Extra will have a var with data name with "Hola Mundo" value.














Now it is time to save and exit from tasker to refresh it.

Go to the task and play it.

You must see a popup in the first device.















Now you only have to change the actions in the tasks to do other interesting things.