Help Auto Reply for Facebook Messenger

Every rule has 3 parts

- Contact

- Regular Expression

- Text to send


Every time a new contact is stored, you will be able to select it a a list drop. but you can select the key word #ANYBODY for everybody that send you a message.

You have other Words like:

#NOT_IN_CONTACTS true if the contact is not in your Facebook contact list. This are not Facebook groups.

#OWN_GROUP This App allows you to create your own contact groups that you can use in this part.

Regular Expression

Regular Expressions allow you to send messages only when the contact sends you a message that matches. if you want to take it easy, enter the keyword between asterisks like *keyword*

Is not the same "Hello" that "hello". If you want to use this word, you can use an expression like "[Hh]ello".

You can get more information at and

Text to send

Enter your message or a system command.


- #RING If the rule matches, your device will start to RING like a siren. It is useful to find your mobile..

- #LOCATION If the rule matches, your device will send your LOCATION to the contact that send the message.

- #NO_REPLY If the rule matches, the App will not reply to the sender.

- #SERVER If the rule matches, the contact and message will be send to your own server. in order to reply. Look for help

This command sends the data to your own url. Use it this way: #SERVER

For instance you can use this php file (save it as yourprocess.php):


$contact = $_POST["contact"];
$message = $_POST["message"];

echo "Hi " . $contact . "\n" . "Your message is: " . $message;


If the Rule is in Bold the rule is enabled!


If the App stop working again and again, try this:

- Disable the App for reading notifications
- Uninstall the App
- Reboot your device
- Install and configure again


You can quit Copyright message "By Bilbosoft" buying App license at App menu.