MultiView – Gallery – Help


With this App you can make a wall of devices showing a gallery at the same time sharing their screens.
The App has 2 parts.

Server cfg. One of the devices plays Server role (and client role), whereas the others acts like clients.


Here you configure your wall, with rows and columns. First of all, you select you wall width and height and later you Start Server.

At the screen bottom you will see how many screens are connected. When the number of screens is equal to screens requires, the Start View button will be enable.

Then you can tap Start View to start Gallery in all devices at the same time.

At options menu you can configure if you want a carrousel and how many seconds between image changes.

To configure the images to show, you can change the content of the file "demo.txt" that will be create the first time you start a view or create another one with a url for every line. Files must be created at sdcard.

There are 3 buttons more to change screen display, select the one that better adjust to your needs.

- Screen cfg. Here you connect to the server and wait


In this part, you only have to set the server ip or domain. It's better to have a domain to avoid use IPs numbers. When click connect you will receive the position of this device at the wall.


There is a manual option to set the position of this device.


It works better with wifi connection.


* You can change images from your SONY SMARTWATCH Swiping to the left or to the right in Android version.


* Now you can find this App at Blackberry App World as well.


In order to quit author, you must buy Pacosal License App.


Download from Google Play or look for it at App World